Wednesday, November 2, 2011

GRAMMAR: Auxiliary Verbs

An auxiliary verb is a verb such as have, can, or will, etc. that accompanies the main verb in a clause and helps to make distinctions in mood, voice, aspect, and tense. Also known as "helping verbs". They signal a change in tense or a change in voice. 

Examples of the AUXILIARY VERBS are listed below, plus examples of the auxiliary + main verb: 
The jury has rendered a verdict.
The defendants have heard the sentence.
The satellite is boosting the signal.
They are receiving it in Hawaii.
He can operate in the morning.
The patient could come home in a week.
The flight should land in New Jersey.
We would like to arrive in New York.
I do want to win.
I did practice all week.
I will tell them to take the furniture away.
Shall we buy the stuffed moose?
They must report the faulty switch.
She ought to call the head office. 

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